Medium Voltage Cable to IEC 60502-for Oil and Gas

Three core medium voltage power cables with plain stranded circular compacted Copper conductors, Extruded semi-conducting layer as conductor screen, XLPE insulation, Extruded semi-conducting layer as insulation screen [Strippable Type], Copper wire screen, Cores are assembled together using non-hygroscopic filler, an extruded layer of PVC armor bedding, Double Steel Tape armor and extruded Red color Flame Retardant, Anti Termite & Sunlight resistant PVC type ST2 as an outer sheath.

Generally, all cables are in accordance with the latest edition of IEC 60502-2.


  • Conductor

    Plain annealed stranded circular compacted Copper conductor conforming to IEC 60228 Class-2.

  • Conductor Screen

    Extruded black layer of semi-conducting material which compatible with the insulation of the conductor, easily removable from the conductor but firmly bonded to the overlying insulation.

  • Insulation

    Cross-linked polyethylene [ XLPE ] rated 90 deg. C.

  • Insulation Screen

    Non-metallic part : A layer of extruded black semi-conducting Strippable compound applied directly over the insulation.

    Metallic part : A layer of copper wire banded with open helix copper tape shall be applied concentrically over the Non Metallic part of the insulation screen. The total geometrical CSA (3 cores) for the screen wires (excluding the tape) shall be withstand earth fault current of 25KA for 0.5 sec.

    The conductor screen, XLPE insulation and the non-metallic part of the insulation screen shall be extruded in one process using triple extrusion method.

  • Core identification

    The core identification shall be done by colored narrow tapes applied longitudinally over the non-metallic part of the insulation screen. The colors are :

    Red , Yellow & Blue.

  • Assembly

    The three screened cores shall be assembled together with non-hygroscopic polypropylene fillers to form a circular assembly and wrapped with a binder tape with suitable overlap.

  • Armour bedding

    An extruded layer of PVC type ST2 compound compatible with the operating temperature of conductor shall be applied as armor bedding.

  • Armouring

    The metallic armor shall consists of a Galvanized Double steel Tapes applied helically in two layers over the bedding.

  • Outer sheath

    An extruded layer of Red color Flame Retardant, Anti Termite & sunlight resistant of PVC Type ST2 compound to IEC 60502-2, compatible with the operating temperature of conductor.

  • Standards

    Flame retardant to IEC - 60332 - 3 - 24 - Cat [ c ] .

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