Medium Voltage Cable to ADDC Specification


  • Conductor

    Stranded Copper Conductor(Water-Tight)

  • Conductor Screen

    (Bonded) Extruded semiconductoring layer

  • Insulation

    Extruded XLPE (Minimum thickness at any point =3.4mm)

  • Insulation Screen

    Extruded(Strippable) Semiconducting layer

  • Metallic Tape Screen

    Copper tape

  • Interstice Copper Conductor

    Strandard Copper Wires(40mm2 in each interstice)

  • Fillers

    3 Cores Laid up with Non-hygroscopic fillers followed by polyester binder tape

  • Bedding

    Extruded PVC

  • Armour

    Double Galvanised Steel Tape(nominal thickness of each tape=0.5mm)

  • Outer Sheath

    Extruded PVC(Red Colour)

  • Design Specification

    IEC : 60502-2 & ADDC Standard

  • Technical Data Sheet

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