Low Smoke Armoured Cables

Single core and multicore cables with copper conductors, XLPE insulated, extruded halogen free inner sheath, armoured and LSHF sheathed. Cables are rated 0.6/1 KV and conform to BS:6724.


  • Conductor

    Plain circular or sector stranded copper conductors, per IEC:60228 class 1 and 2.

  • Insulation

    XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) rated 90℃.

  • Assembling

    Two, three or four insulated cores are assembled together.

  • Inner Sheath

    In single core cables, inner sheath of halogen free compound is applied over insulation. In multicore cables, assembled cores are covered with inner sheath of halogen free compound.

  • Armour

    For single core cables, a layer of aluminium wires applied helically over inner sheath. For multicore cables, galvanised round steel wires applied helically over inner sheath.

  • Sheath

    LSHF compound, colour black.

  • Colours for core identification

    Single core - red (black colour on request)

    Two cores-red and black

    Three cores - red, yellow and blue

    Four cores-red, yellow, blue and black

  • Application

    i. Public buildings

    ii. Airport, railway station

    iii. Plant engineering and construction Industrial machinery Air conditioning installations Stage technique

    iv. Particularly where human and animal life as well as valuable property are exposed to high risk of fire hazards

    v. Intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during a fire mainly used in Fire Alarm systems

    vi. Slow to ignite, burn slowly and most importantly, emit much-reduced amounts of smoke and fumes during fire allowing people to escape

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