Instrumentation Cable to PAS 5308 ,Part 1 Type 3

300/500 V, Cu/XLPE/IAM/CAM/AL HDPE/PA/SWA/PVC Hydro Carbon and chemical Resistant ,Flame Retardant to IEC 60332-3-24


  • Conductor

    Solid (Class1),Stranded (Class 2) or Flexible (Class5) copper conductor to BS EN 60228

  • Insulation

    Cross Linked Polythene type 03 to BS6234 - 100 mm maximum pair length (min. 10 twists per metre)

  • Binder Tape

    Polyster tape 50% overlap

  • Individual and Collective Screen

    Polyster tape 50% overlap Aluminium/Polyester tape metallic side down, in contact with tinned Copper drain wire

  • Bedding

    AL + HDPE

  • Moisture Barrier


  • Inner Sheath

    Polythene type 03 to BS 6234

  • Armouring

    Galvanized Steel Wire

  • Outer Sheath

    PVC Sheat type TM1 to BS EN 50363 with the following characteristics:
    Minimum oxygen index: 30%
    Maximum HCL emission @ 800℃: 15%

  • Color

    Black or Blue

  • Applications

    1) These cables provide protection against aggressive petrochemicals as traditional lead-sheathed cables.

    2) They also provide protection against chemicals – acids, bases, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons – that can penetrate towards the conductors.

    3) The HDPE sheath provides the resistance to inorganic chemical such as chlorine, and the PA sheath provides resistance to organic materials such as benzene.

    4) They are very cost-effective due to the continually rising costs of lead

    5) These cable are significantly lighter than lead-sheathed cables and hence easier to transport, handle and pull into cable ducts.

  • Standards

    PAS 5308 Part 1 type 3

    BS EN 60228

    BS 6234

    BS 50363

    IEC 60332-1

    IEC 60332-3-24

  • Other Options

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